Casper DevRewards Program

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DevRewards Program

Welcome to Casper Association’s DevRewards Program— where your expertise is not only recognized but also rewarded!

Shape the future of the Casper ecosystem by bringing forward innovative ideas and solving existing challenges.  If you have an idea that you believe would improve our ecosystem, we are all ears! You can also browse open DevRewards, apply to solve them and earn valuable CSPR tokens for your successful solutions!

Scope of the DevRewards

The DevRewards Program aims to generate rewards within the range of $100 USD to $1,000 USD per DevReward

All open DevRewards are listed on this page, and anyone can participate in the program

Once a solution is submitted on GitHub, Casper Association will review if it meets the acceptance criteria

All DevRewards are listed in USD and paid out in CSPR tokens

Open DevRewards

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the scope of DevRewards in terms of value?

    The DevRewards Program aims to generate rewards ranging from $100 USD to a maximum of $1,000 USD per DevRewards. All rewards are paid in CSPR tokens.

  • What happens once a DevReward is completed?

    The Casper Association will review if the completed DevReward meets the acceptance criteria.

    If it meets the criteria, a reward will be paid out to the developer.

    All DevRewards are labeled in USD and paid out in CSPR Tokens as per the price setting formula available for reference from our Casper Prices.

  • What is the process if another developer completes and delivers a DevReward before me?

    The process follows a "first come, first served" approach. If multiple developers deliver their solutions in a short period and both solutions align with the acceptance criteria, the rewards will be paid out to both developers in full. This is at the discretion of the Casper Association’s responsible parties.

  • Are there any specific technical requirements or programming languages that developers should consider when working on DevRewards?

    This depends on the specific reward. Please refer to the specification for each reward for more details.

  • Are there limits on the number of DevRewards a developer can work on simultaneously?

    There is no limit to the number of DevRewards a developer can work on simultaneously. However, it is recommended not to delay the work once a DevReward is ready since it is on a "first come, first served" basis.

  • Are there any specific licenses or intellectual property considerations related to the work done for DevRewards?

    The code delivered should support the Casper ecosystem and represent an open-source framework. Therefore, no licenses or property considerations can be claimed.

  • Can developers participate in multiple rounds of the DevRewards Program?

    Developers can participate in the DevRewards Program for as long as they want and on as many rewards as they desire. There are no restrictions on participation.

  • How frequently are the CSPR rewards paid out to developers upon successful completion of a DevReward?

    The assessments and payout of CSPR rewards are planned on a biweekly basis, aligning with the assessment process.

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